1. Choose the subheading “Compensations” and click on the “Add new compensation plan”

2. Fill in the missing information.

Field: Compensation percentage 

Defines a percentage of a compensated service. For example, a 50% percentage is set. This means that in order of 10 EUR ticket your employer will pay 5 EUR and you should pay another 5 EUR.  

Checkbox: Default compensation plan 

The plan that applies automatically to every freshly added employee

3. The middle part defines the services that your employee can use.

a. If the company wants to offer only services with tax exemption then the box needs to be checked in front of it.

b. Services with tax exemption can be found from the categories training, rehabilitation and events.

c. If you check “Allow to buy tax exemption services only” and all of the categories, then the employee can still use only the services that have tax exemption.

d. The last row “Accepts receipts” is explained in a separate instruction.

4. The right part is to set up how the compensation is carried on to the next month.

a. Checkbox: Employee's account balance is raised to compensation sum per period 

For example, if the compensation is 30€ a month and the employee spends 10€, then the compensation will be raised to 30€ again next month.

b. Checkbox: Compensation sum will be added to the Employee's existing account balance 

For example, if the compensation is 30€ and the employee spends 10€ then employeescompensation next month is 50€ (20+30=50€).

5. Click “Save”.