In SportID there is a monthly service fee and it depends on the number of employees who the sport compensation is offered to.

So an employee who is in the system, but doesn’t have any credit - is not charged for.

The larger the number of employees in SportID system, the lower the service fee paid for one employee.

A company that has up to 9 employees can use the SportID system for free. From 10 employees, a base fee is applied (from 15€/month) and the fee paid for every employee is added to the base fee (from 1.22€/month).

Thanks to the discounts offered by our system and less time spent in accounting, the company wins anyway!

Use the calculator, to see how much Your company would have to pay for using SportID:

Employee count

Base price

Every new employee

1-9 employees

0€ / month

10-50 employees

15€ / month +

Starting from 10 employees 1.22 / employee

51-250 employees

65€ / month +

Starting from 51 employees 0.95 / employee

251-1000 employees

256€ / month +

Starting from 251 employees 0.45 / employee

1001-5000 employees

597€ / month +

Starting from 1001 employees 0.2 / employee

5000+ employees

1397€ / month +

Starting from 5000 employees 0.1 / employee

To see the formula for calculating the service fee and the expense calculator, click here.