In SportID there is a monthly service fee and it depends on the number of employees (compensation accounts) who the sports compensation is offered to.

So an employee who is in the system, but doesn’t have any compensation rule or sum on their account - is not charged for.

A service fee will be applied only for an account which had an active compensation plan applied to and/or had a sum of compensation added to its balance. 

A company with 4 or fewer employees can use SportID for free. 

The base fee for each compensation account in SportID is 1,5 EUR per month. Applies for companies with more than 4 employees. 

The more compensation accounts one company brings to the system the cheaper pricing per employee account goes. 

Employee count

Base price for one compensation account

5-25 employees

1,5€ / month 

26-100 employees

1,35€ / month 

101-250 employees

1,15€ / month 

251-1000 employees

0,55€ / month

1000+ employees

0,20€ / month 

5000+ employees

1397€ / month


If your company offers compensation for 17 employees service fee will be 17 * 1,5 = 25.5 EUR. 

If your company offers compensation for 117 employees service fee will be 25*1,5 + 75*1,35 + 17*1.15 = 158,3 EUR

Use the calculator, to see how much Your company would have to pay for using SportID and to see the formula for calculating the service fee.