1. Choose the subheading “Compensations”

2. Click on “Add money” on the left.

3. In the compartment “Insert amount”, write down the amount you want to order the prepayment invoice for. 

4. In the email compartment, write down the email the prepayment invoice should go to.

5. When the company wants to pay without an invoice, then there is an option for instant payment and the system automatically creates a receipt for the paid amount.

NB! The sent prepayment invoices are recorded when the invoice is actually paid for. Figuratively, one can order an endless amount of invoices.

6. When the first invoice has been ordered, please click on “Payment method” on the left 

7. From the options that appeared, you can either choose if the system starts to generate your invoices according to an automatic formula, or you set the limits yourself.

8. The most popular is “Personal responsibility”.

NB! According to the example displayed above, a prepayment invoice with the sum on 1600 euros will be sent to the company’s email when the balance falls to the sum of 100 euros.

9. Click “Save”.