1. If you allow employees to add receipts to our system, a new subheading will appear “Receipts”.

2. In order to add a receipt, the employee has to fill in the missing information (contents of the receipt, personal bank account) and add the receipt (or a picture of it) to the SportID system. Better if it is PDF. 

3. The receipt will appear for the administrators of the company under the subheading “Receipts”.

4. The receipt has to be uploaded during the month that the employee wants to use the compensation from (meaning that during a new month, it cannot be charged from the compensation of the previous month).

The system will automatically apply employee's compensation rule as well. 

5. After the administrator of the company has accepted the receipt, the money will be transferred to the bank account that the employee wrote down in a week and the sum will be removed from the company’s balance. It's possible to mark the rejection reason while rejecting receipt. This move cannot be undone. 

6. The administrator of the company most certainly has to mark if the service is exempt from taxes or not.

Information about this can be found from the EMTA page. It is very important if the company compensates only services that are exempt from taxes. With that, you can avoid the tax risk that can come with fringe benefits.