Checks pay off works only if your company has marked "add checks" in your compensation plan available.

You can add checks while clicking "receipts". You must add receipt at that month you want to use your compensation money (in the next month, the amount of the check will not be deducted from the compensation for the previous month).

Steps to add receipt: 

1. Click "Receipts"

2. Click

3. Fill in the lines and add receipt file

4. Save

The amount you insert has to be the amount you want to have compensated. You can see the maximum amount you can add under the amount box.

What happens after you press "save"? The amount you inserted will be booked from your SportID account and the amount you wanted to be compensated will be transferred to your bank account after the employer confirms the receipt. The compensation will return to your SportID account if the company rejects your receipt.