1. The name of the service

2. The price of the service

3. VAT is required, depends on the country the point of sale is at.4. A description of the service, that the client should know.

5. The category of the service.

6. If there is a possibility to buy the ticket beforehand or only at the point of sale.

Changing a service

In order to change a service, click on the little arrow after the checkbox on the left. (1)

From here, one can change/add tickets (2) and change the overall settings of the service (3).


If you want to add a ticket, click on "Add new ticket" and fill in all all the necessary information. From the same window, the existing tickets can be deleted one by one. 

Setting the "SportID price" is not mandatory. 

If you wish that SportID clients get a cheaper price, mark the prices according to the example:


In the system it will be displayed like this:


Price and availability at the point of sales can be changed manually, for that check the box next to the point of sale and change the price on the right: