1. Choose a role (the service provider).

2. Choose "Sales and services".

3. Pick a service and a ticket for that service.


b. Click on  and add a service

Categories explained:

Trainings: all services that include moving

Events: public sports events, competitions

Rehabilitation: massages, spa services, sauna complexes

Training and nutritional consulting: workout plans and healthy eating plans

Sporting goods and transportation: sport items (f.e. dumbbells, clothes)

Medical services: health analysis, clinical psychologist

Insurance: health insurance, dental insurance, medical insurance

Other: beauty services

NB! More services are added regularly!


Service: Classical massage

Ticket name: 60 minutes

1. Pick a category that matches the type of the service.

2. Prior registration required - if an appointment is needed to be set (massage, group training)

3. Tax exemptions - if you check the box, you certify that your service is nonprofit

4. Purchasable from/until - used during a campaign. Under the "Sales options", a selection has to be made under which conditions the ticket is sold.

5. Ticket is active - the ticket can be seen by a customer on the service provider's profile

6. Pre-sale option - the ticket can be bought in advance

7. Valid for several days - the ticket can be used X days after making the purchase. For example: if a client buys a 10x gym card, the client has 90 days to redeem their ticket at the service provider. The redeemed ticket is valid according to the terms and conditions of the service provider.

8. On sale at - If the service is available at all of the points of sale, select all, if not, then select the ones that it is sold at.

Changing a service

In order to change a service, click on the little arrow after the checkbox on the left. (1)

From here, one can change/add tickets (2) and change the overall settings of the service (3).

If you want to add a ticket, click on "Add new ticket" and fill in all all the necessary information. From the same window, the existing tickets can be deleted one by one. 

Setting the "SportID price" is not mandatory. 

If you wish that SportID clients get a cheaper price, mark the prices according to the example:

In the system it will be displayed like this:

Price and availability at the point of sales can be changed manually, for that check the box next to the point of sale and change the price on the right: