Every service provider can choose the time period when the ticket is active for the customer to use.

Number of days when the ticket is active according to Your service provider's package/planIt is the time period when the customer can use the ticket and You have to activate the ticket in that time period. Number of days will be calculated on each individual ticket purchase. 

Don't fill in Valid until gap if You add the number of days. Valid until date is the day when the ticket will expire, doesn't matter when it is bought.

In order to make the tickets available for buying from the SportID system it is necessary to activate the button "Service can be purchased from the SportID system" in the service settings page.

If You don't activate that button then You can only sell the tickets by yourself from the cashier. Make sure You identify the person, they have to provide identification document (ID card, driver's license, passport etc).  

You can see Your chosen package from the menu "Settings" -- "Package".