It's not possible to sell a service, what can be the reasons?

  • Please check if the customer's name and personal identification code would match. If the system doesn't find a customer by the personal identification code then please try searching by the full name, maybe the personal identification code is faulty. In that case please inform the customer about that and ask them to fix the personal identification code in the SportID system.

  • Customer has already spent their compensation at another service provider.

  • Customer's employer is lacking money on their SportID account. Even if the customer sees that they have certain amount remaining, it doesn't apply if the employer doesn't have money on the SportID account - "Big pot" is empty.
    People will never be handed out real money right away from employer's account but people get the certain amount that is fixed in the compensation plan (usually 33 euros per moth or 100 euros per quarter). So the amount shown on customer's view doesn't have any value if the employer's account doesn't have enough money. It means that even if people get 100 euros per quarter to use then they can't do it if the employer's account doesn't have enough money.
    Employers' accounts will be loaded automatically with the maximum available compensation amount, not with real money.

  • Please ask the customer to check if the employer is compensating certain category (all companies compensate trainings). 

See how the customer can check which categories are compensated for them.