All of the service provider accounts are checked by our specialist.

This is a necessary task to make sure that all of the required information is displayed and correct.

When the account has been created please contact us at

Include the name of the service provider, phone number and email address.

Before contacting please set Your service provider's account up as shown in the instructions below.

1. All general settings. Please name Your profile after what You are known and will be searched.

2. Please make sure You have added the Company's official registry name and registration number. If applicable, please add Your Value Added Tax registration number (VAT nr.)

If the company's billing address is different from the service provider's general one, please tick a box "Billing address is different from physical address" and fill in relevant information below.

3. Choose suitable Service provider's package/plan. Please also read and agree to the Terms and conditions.

4. Please fill in the information of the Point of sale. This is the place where Your services will be offered in real life. If Your service is an online service then please fill in the information according that.

How to change the information of the Point of sale (POS)?

5. Add Service groups. 

NB! When adding the service group please make sure if You have to pay the Value Added Tax (VAT) or not. If You do not pay the tax then please choose the VAT 0% and if You do, then 20%.

Also please choose suitable service category (explanations in the end of the article) and learn about the Tax incentive while ticking the Tax exemption button. 

6. When the service groups are set up then You can add services. 

Regular price is the main price You are selling it and if You would like to sell the service with special price in the system then fill in also the "SportID price" and the service will be sold with that price.

NB! In order to make the tickets available for buying from the SportID system it is necessary to activate the button "Service can be purchased from the SportID system". Please choose the Number of days when the ticket is active according to Your service provider's package/plan. It is the time period when the customer can use the ticket and You have to activate the ticket in that time period. Number of days will be calculated on each individual ticket purchase.

If You have these settings done, please write us on or if You run into some other problem and we are ready to help You!

Service groups' categories explained:

Trainings*: all services that promote the movement

Events*: public sport events

Rehabilitation**: massages, spa services, water park, sauna

Training and nutritional consulting: exercise and nutrition plans

Sporting goods: sports goods, sports nutrition

Medical services**: health examinations, analyzes, studies, dentistry, the clinical psychologist

Insurance*: payments for medical insurance

Other: beauty services

* - services are tax free

** - tax free are only services that are provided by rehabilitation therapist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, clinical speech therapist or clinical psychologist entered in the state register of health care professionals or holding a corresponding professional certificate