You can learn more about service provider's plans from the service provider's view. Please choose "Settings" -- "Package" from the menu.

What are my benefits in bigger plans?

Here's the link to all the information about plans: Descriptions of the service provider's plans (click "Read the terms" in order to get more detailed information)

Moving from the plan with less benefits to the one that has more benefits will happen right after You have chosen the new plan on Your settings profile (click "Select package"). Before that You need to withdraw all the money from Your SportID service provider's account to Your company's bank account. 

If You would like to choose the smaller plan then also please click on "Select package" and You have withdrawn the funds to Your company's bank account. Also please make sure that the tickets' validity number of days is according to the new plan's maximum. In that case the change will be made manually by us during 30 days even though the system says that the change was successful. 

Since every plan has its own benefits for personalizing Your service provider's account and lots of marketing options by SportID then each has its service fee (not Starter plan which is for free). Service fee is a fixed percentage of the amount You are withdrawing. So You don't have to pay SportID anything extra and You won't have costs if You don't have sales through SportID. 

More detailed manual and links to every plan's descriptions, benefits and feesHow can I withdraw money to my company's bank account and what are the service fees?