1. Log in to Your SportID account

2. Choose role (service provider) in the right upper corner

3. Click on "Sales & Services" -- "Points of sale" and then click on the button "Edit POS"

Please add the open dates and times, address and contact information. You can describe briefly what kind of service you are providing (keywords are fine, too) in the box Point of sale description. Also please add more specific descriptions and please also add that sentence into the Point of sale info box:

After the ticket purchase from SportID please send your ticket number on email: *Your email address*

It's necessary because it makes the customer contact You quite soon after the purchase and agree on the service time. Then You get to know the customer and ask additional questions and personal information (name, personal identification code and ticket number) if necessary. The information is necessary in order to activate the purchased ticket in Your cashier.  

Point of sale description will be displayed like that:

Customers will see the point of sale info like that: