Making the payment

1. Log in to the SportID system.

2. Choose a role in the system (service provider account).

3. Choose "Finances"

4. From the left, choose "Withdraw funds"-

5. Fill in the missing information (Payment reference nr. is not mandatory) and click "Withdraw funds".

After the first withdrawal, the information will be saved in the system. The information can still be changed at every withdrawal. It is not mandatory to withdraw the whole amount, the service provider has a chance to save as much money in the SportID system as they want to.

The withdrawal request will be confirmed according to the withdrawal terms. After the payment has been confirmed SportID will send a confirming invoice to email.

There is no need to bill SportID, the invoice will be composed according to the accounting. 

Withdrawal terms. Service fees will be removed from the amount that was withdrawn. 

All the service fees are available here (click on the plan's name and see parts 2 and 3.)

"Starter" plan
"Basic" plan

"Bronze" plan

"Silver" plan

"Gold" plan

Service provider can withdraw as much money as they have on their SportID account. Recipient must be company's bank account or FIE's personal bank account. The service fees will be removed from the amount that was withdrawn.

(You can learn more about the terms of specific plans on service provider's SportID account in menu "Settings" -- "Package".)