If You have Your personal SportID account.

Please log in, click on Your name in the corner and choose "Create new group".

Continue to the manual point 3.

If You don't have personal SportID account.

1. Go to SportID main page and click on "Start selling Your services today!"

2. Start creating Your account

Register Your personal account (every service provider needs to have an administrator)

3. Please choose "Service provider", then You will see a window with additional information about the options. Read it and if You want to continue, click on "Create account".

4. Fill in the information about Your company and "I am done!"

5. If the service provider's account is created then You can start adding information about Your company and services. 

Here is also a manual on how to act if You are done creating Your profile. It explains how to make the account and market place available for the customers. 

Joining SportID is always for free. 

You are welcome to join if You are a company who offers sports and wellness services. The categories are:

Trainings*: all services that promote the movement

Events*: public sport events

Rehabilitation**: massages, spa services, water park, sauna

Training and nutritional consulting: exercise and nutrition plans

Sporting goods: sports goods, sports nutrition

Medical services**: health examinations, analyzes, studies, dentistry, the clinical psychologist

Insurance*: payments for medical insurance

Other: beauty services

* - services are tax free

** - tax free are only services that are provided by rehabilitation therapist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, clinical speech therapist or clinical psychologist entered in the state register of health care professionals or holding a corresponding professional certificate