The sale of the last 30 days - the pre bought and on site tickets are accounted

New members - new members are displayed above in the search engine. It is in the SportID's and the service provider's best interests that the new member finds clients. The service provider is displayed above the others for a month.

Services on sale - The more services on sale, the better the position in the search engine.

sale percentage - the bigger the average percentage that the services are on sale with, the better the position in the service engine

Key words - the service providers with key words are at a better position than the ones without. NB! the key words of the point of sale are accounted not the key words of the general profile

Logo and header - they both boost your position in the search engine

Pre bought tickets - the service providers that offer a chance to buy tickets beforehand are displayed at a better position in the search engine. Every ticket that can be pre bought brings you up in the search engine

Client of SportID+ or SportID+PRO - All the members of the SportID+ or SportID+PRO are displayed before the regular members in the search engine. The SportID+PRO members are favoured above SportID+ members

Service fee % - If all of the points above are filled then the position improves according to the percentage of the service fee paid to SportID