In order to see which of the services are compensated for you by your employer, we've added a label in the corner of each service. The label looks like this and is situated in the left corner of a service ticket:


Why some of the services are compensated and the others are not?

Every employer can choose which of the services are made available to their employees. To see which of the services are available to you can be seen from the left of your profile.

It can happen that although the category is compensated, one still can't buy the services from that category. Why?

From 2018, a fringe benefits system was applied in Estonia, meaning that an employer can offer health benefits without having to pay taxes on them. The benefits have certain criteria, according to that we have divided our services to nonprofit and for-profit. 

According to the fringe benefits system, all of the trainings are included in the tax exemption.

You can find massages or spa and sauna services in the rehabilitation category, but these also are not always included in the tax exemption. And that is why they are not all compensated by the employer. 

If your employer compensates rehabilitation services, but one of the services still can't be bought then it means that the service provider is not suitable according to the fringe benefits system.