Health activities compensation is the money given to cover sports and other activities in the SportID system.

The money you see in the system is billed using your compensation account. The compensation is added to the account according to the settings made by the employer, for example, on the first day of the month/quarter or while joining. Your compensation account is secured by your company's (employer) debit account.

How does it work?

The company/employer account must have sufficient prepayment to cover the value of the transaction. For example, an employer may have placed a prepayment of € 1,000 on its debit account, but credits were distributed as follows: 15 employees x 100 € = 1,500€ so if It happens that everyone wanted to use compensation, the funds would end before everyone could make their purchases. Of course, The SportID system reminds the employer that top-up needed to prevent such a situation. However, in a dense period of use, employer debit account can run out of funds (for example, the end of the month and start). In this case, the funds in the employees' compensation account are no longer usable. In such a case, we recommend getting in touch with employers representative (HR, accounting etc).


Employees accounts are never shared with the real money from employers debit account. Employers have a right to use compensation according to the employers pre-set compensation plan (monthly/quarterly).

Compensation has no value if employers debit account is empty which means that employee cannot use the sports spends compensation.

The only place where the real money is placed in the system is the employer's debit account.