If some of the services are be displayed in yellow color in the cashier then it means that the customer is not able to pay for the entire amount with SportID money (compensation plus personal account's money) or the employee has a compensation plan which has only partial compensation

If the employer's compensation is not enough to pay for the service then at first will be charged customer's personal SportID account. If there is not enough then customer has to pay the rest by themselves in cash, by debit card or some other method.

If the employer has set the compensation percentage 50% then the customer can pay only 6 euros of 12 euros (full price) with the compensation and they have to pay 6 euros by themselves (cash, debit card or some other method). In that case please follow the manual.

In Your Finances menu You can see both of the amounts that were charged, but under the Company Balance you can see only the amount that was charged from SportID account(s).