As from 1 January 2018, expenses made for improving the employee’s health will not be taxed as a fringe benefit in the extent of 100 euros per employee per quarter if the employer has made this option available to all employees.

Full article is here.

In means that service providers can mark their services in SportID tax free if the service is in one of these categories and meets other needs:

Trainings*: all services that promote the movement

Events*: public sport events

Rehabilitation**: massages, spa services, water park, sauna

Medical services**: health examinations, analyzes, studies, dentistry, the clinical psychologist

Insurance*: payments for medical insurance

* - services are tax free

** - tax free are only services that are provided by rehabilitation therapist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, clinical speech therapist or clinical psychologist entered in the state register of health care professionals or holding a corresponding professional certificate

Service provider's terms will give the right to mark the categories to service provider. It also obliges service provider to know the marking rights and answer for the correct information. 

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