There are campaigns in SportID monthly and bigger ones are quarterly. The aim is to bring up participating service providers and campaigns also add value to users in SportID. Service providers can raise their sales and get more attention to their name and services. 

SportID notifies service providers in advance with eye-catching notifications or alerts. For example: 

You can also find the campaign settings in service provider's view menu "Sales & Services" -- "Campaigns".

You have to be in BronzeSilver or Gold plan in order to participate. The ones in Basic plan can participate for extra fee if You let us know on 

According to the plan You can add either three or one special price tickets to the campaign.

Please tick the check boxes of the services You would like to have in the campaign. You can change the price in the last gap. This is the sales price of that ticket during the campaign period. 

Regular price is the regular price of the service, not SportID price. We would recommend to give at least 20% discount.

Please click "Save" in the end!

Make sure You pay attention to the campaign dates because services can be added only during the registration period. Tickets cannot be added, edited or removed during the campaign. 

Previous campaigns can be seen down below in the table.

If You have any questions about campaigns or service providers' plans then please let our customer service team know on