Service providers who are in Silver and Gold plan, can sell selected services with special prices to selected companies' employees.

You can find that feature from the menu "Sales & Services" -- "Discounts". Click on the button "Add new discount rule".

In the discount settings view: You can add the name of the discount, point of sale, and also valid until date if you want to set the date until the discount is active. 

Please find suitable company's group name in the Discount receiver box. If You cannot find the group but you know they have joined SportID then they have probably disabled finding them from the search. In that case please contact them and find mutual agreement, because the group needs to be shown up in the search (they can make changes under the company's settings). 

There is three types of discounts:

1. Percentage - the set % will be taken off from the regular price for the employees of that group.

2. Amount - the set amount in euros will be taken off from the regular price for the employees of that group.

3. Fixed - certain price that applies for all of the services in that service group for the employees of that group. 

NB! The discount applies to all of the services (if You active the first button) in the point of sale or for certain Service group (if the button is grey/inactive and You have chosen the service group from the menu).

You can also set how many times the discount can be used. If You activate the button then it is possible to use the discount infinite times (as long as You don't delete it).

It's also important to know that customers will be displayed the discount price after they have chosen the service and clicked on the "Buy ticket" button once.

After that they will be displayed the discount price. 


If You do discounts in SportID system, then please let the company know specifically which services are the ones that have the discount prices. Also please explain them that they can see the discount price after they have clicked "Buy ticket" at the ticket with regular price at first. 

Manual for company employees: How to buy a ticket that has special price for our company in SportID?