Our pleasure is to solve customers' service providers' and employers' problems and we have finished taking calls in order to give as detailed and correct answers. 

Reasons for supporting on the internet: 

- We can find a solution faster if we can take a look at Your balance and transactions online.

- Pretty often we need additional information like screenshot of the situation/error or the payment statement to understand Your situation better. Therefore we have time to analyze the situation and find out in which stage of the action the problem arose. We can also provide necessary screenshots, manuals and articles for You to solve the problem. 

- We can also solve your problem faster if we need to ask additional information from other parts of the situation (service provider, customer, employer, our colleague etc). Therefore we don't need to put You on hold or call back. 

- You can still use Online customer support on the knowledge base page. By contacting us there we have Your previous requests saved and we know more details about Your situation so you don't need to explain your questions again.

SportID is supporting all the customers on e-mail (info@sportid.com) and in chat from Monday to Friday 9AM to 4PM