If You have purchased a ticket for a service using your employer's compensation or Your personal funds then one thing You should know is that the service provider won't receive that amount right after the purchase. Service provider will get the money on their SportID account if You contact them and let them know about your purchase. They will activate the ticket if You have actually had the service and then they will receive the amount paid for the ticket. 

After the purchase please contact the service and let them know about Your ticket. Please add also what service ticket it was, Your name and the ticket number. Then the service provider has Your contact information and if it is necessary to pre-register for the service or book a time then it makes it easier for you both finding the mutual time.

You will find service provider's information from their profile in the left side of the page. There are often specific guidelines on service provider's main page about what to do after the purchase. 

You will be displayed the ticket number in the pop-up window after the purchase. You can also see the ticket number if You click on the button "View all purchased tickets" which takes you to Your personal view menu "Tickets". 

NB! Ticket must be used while it is valid (before expiration date). If You cannot use the service in that time period then You can agree with the service provider that they will activate the ticket before the expiration date and You actually use the service later. We recommend doing that via e-mail, because it makes the agreement understandable for both sides and enables to review it later. 

We also would like to emphasize that if You have already bought the ticket then You are responsible for to use it before the expiration date that the service provider has set (generated automatically on the purchase date). You can also see the expire date before the purchase.

You are also displayed the contact information before the purchase: