There can be more than one person who can handle the service provider's account. 

Service providers who sell their services from the cashier themselves should definitely have separate account for cashiers.

What's the difference between cashier user and administrator?

Cashier user is a member, but can use the service provider's cashier while logged in with their personal account.

Administrator can edit all the things at the profile starting from changing the settings to managing sales transactions and withdrawing.

Before choosing the role You need to add the person into the group.

If a person has the SportID account then it's easiest to find service provider's account in SportID and send the joining request from the left side menu under the contact information. 

If You would like to create separate account for administrating then please create it at and join the group. If You do so then don't add personal identification number because the number is usually necessary for identifying at the system and buying services from the SportID. If system still asks the number then please enter Yours at first and then You can remove it under the personal setting later.

Administrator accepts the request and then the person joins as a member. 

If the person doesn't have a SportID account then You can add them from the "Employees" menu from the button "Add new employee" and fill in all the gaps.

From the "Employees" menu You are able to see person's information when clicking on their name and You can change the role by clicking "Edit employee". There You can change their role to administrator. 

If You only wish to give person right to use cashier then You can do it under the menu "Sales & Services" -- "Points on sale" from the button "Edit POS".

There is a section in the left side of the page for adding the cashier user. Please find the suitable employee and click "Save" in the top or bottom of the main settings page.

After that the Service provider's name and the "Cashier" button appears at the person's personal account view.

You can remove the cashier users and administrators from the same place they can be added.